The Rose & Crown, Thurstonland

3 The Village, Thurstonland, HD4 6XU

Walk: Farnley Tyas and Castle Hill

Food: Traditional pub food, including some game and fish options. When I went at the beginning of December, there was a Christmas Menu (complete with Turkey and Turkey Sandwiches) but there is a sample menu on their website!


Again, a confession to make, this is not my first visit to the Rose & Crown! I knew that we would be able to have the dogs come in, no matter how dirty they were after the walk. I have walked over from Farnley Tyas before, had lunch here and walked back.

There’s no specified ‘Dog Room’ so you can sit where you like and have your pooches there with you. We chose to sit in the smaller dining area to the right as you walk in, as the rest of the pub seemed really busy! What with two labradors and my dad with his broken leg, I wasn’t about to start navigating between tables!

I went to the bar and ordered drinks, asked for a menu and opened a tab. The only menu on that day was the Christmas Menu presented in a little booklet. I hadn’t realised, but the Rose & Crown is managed by the same people who have the nearby White Swan in High Burton, so there was a menu and entertainment schedule for both pubs, as they both have live music on a regular basis!


Inside, the decor is fairly plain and perhaps a little bit dated in comparison to other pubs in the area. But this adds to the charm of the place! There’s a few older folk coming in who are clearly regulars, and the lady behind the bar recognises them and knows their regular orders, which is always lovely to see. Staff and other customers were very friendly towards the dogs, with one customer commenting “they’re proper sized dogs, them, none of these ones you put in your handbag”. Ha! I’d like to see one of these two fit in a suitcase, never mind a handbag!


The lady behind the bar came over to take our food orders. I ordered the Game Stew with Herb Dumplings and Dad had Fish and Chips (off the old folks’ menu!).  I was starving after the walk, so fancied something that would definitely fill me up! The food was delicious. I was worried that the stew might be ‘too gamey’, but the sauce was rich and there were a few root vegetables (carrots and potatoes) chucked in for good measure! Dad’s Fish and Chips were a smaller portion, I suppose the regular sized portion would have involved frying a whale!


After (almost!) finishing our plates, we headed off fairly quickly as the dogs were getting a bit restless – Leo in particular. I find that he can last about an hour inside a pub before he starts getting whiny and a bit of a pain. This will obviously have to improve, but I suppose I am a little bit soft with him as he’s just a pup!

When we asked for the bill, I wondered if there had been a mistake. I knew that Dad had had the small portion of Fish and Chips, but the total bill came to £20! That’s including a glass of Sauvignon Blanc, and a lime and soda. Excellent value!

We paid and chatted briefly to the lady who had served us. She was very friendly and gave the dogs a little cuddle. They were definitely welcome inside. She did mention that they have maps of local walks available for a small donation – so walkers are definitely welcome too!

A Pooch’s Perspective


  • Dogs allowed anywhere in the pub. Staff and customers were friendly and accommodating towards them, and the dogs loved the attention!
  • Water bowls available outside.