The Beehive, Earsdon

Hartley Ln, Whitley Bay NE25 0SZ

Walk: Briar Dene to Old Hartley and the Beehive

Food: British, European with some Asian twists such as Thai Beef Salad. Menu changes periodically and they currently have some Christmassy options available.


We I already knew that The Beehive was a super dog-friendly pub, and true to form, no sooner had I taken  a seat in the ‘Dog Friendly Room’ with Leo and Max, a waitress came and asked if they wanted a bowl of water and a blanket. After the first half of our walk, the dogs were far too dirty to sit on blankets that don’t belong to me, so I asked for a bowl of water while thinking, “Can I have a water for me!?”.


Unfortunately The Beehive doesn’t work like that. Housed in a Grade II listed building dating back to the 18th Century, the bar is accessed by two small hatches on either side. You have to go up to the bar to order food and drink, but they’re quite happy to let you open a tab!

I didn’t set out on this blog to be a difficult customer (although it could be quite an amusing angle!) but I did end up being one on two occasions during my brief visit; first of all I ordered a Sauvignon Blanc that I didn’t like, and later Leo knocked over the water bowl in the dog room. Thankfully, the staff responded cheerfully and helpfully to both issues, giving me a glass of Pinot Grigio as a replacement (no charge) and clearing up the spilled water for me (despite me offering to help!).

I ordered the ‘Soup and a Sandwich’ from the ‘Bar Snacks Menu’. The sandwich was Beef & Onion and the soup was Broccoli & Blue Cheese. The sandwich was lovely, although the Horseradish Sauce had a bit of a kick! The soup was nice too – sometimes I find that Blue Cheese can make soups a bit salty, but no such problem here. With the soup and a sandwich, you do get a smaller portion than ordering either a soup or a sandwich separately, which is reflected in the price (£6.95). Really the portion size was perfect for a lunch as it wasn’t outfacing and came on a cute little sandwich board.


Overall, The Beehive is a lovely pub, perfect for a quick detour from a long walk. The staff and owner (Sean) are more than helpful and very friendly, and the food is delicious! We love The Beehive because it’s one of the few pubs in our area that has true character and does more than microwaved ‘pub grub’.  Well done guys, we will be back!

A Pooch’s Perspective


  • We had the dog room mostly to ourselves so the dogs could lay out and get settled. It was a Tuesday lunchtime though so it’s unlikely to be so quiet in there on evenings and weekends.
  • Staff were friendly and accommodating, and came over to cuddle the dogs.
  • Free biscuits available.
  • Dog beer and more exciting treats available behind the bar.
  • Blankets available (probably better if your dogs haven’t been in the sea/rolling in the mud).