Meet the Team

img_1122Charlotte. I’m the brains behind the operation, so they say. When I stopped working in October 2016, I had a long time to think about what it is I wanted to do with my life. At 26, you could say that this is the start of a ‘quarter-life crisis’. After a string of jobs that I haven’t enjoyed (my degree is in Chemistry, I’ve spent the last three years being an ‘Industrial Chemist’) I started to think about what I enjoy doing, and how I can make that my every day. The idea of this website is that it can allow me to learn about web design, photography and social media marketing through doing something that I love; walking and wine!

I want to give my readers something a little bit different. The idea of ‘Wild Walks with Wine’ is not to give you a step by step guide to a walk, with an aside including parking and pub details. I want to give you more of a personal account, and I will be including plenty of photographs along the way!

Leo. The pooch. Leo is reallyimg_1996 the driving force behind the project. Like many dog owners, I’m a sucker for those puppy-dog eyes. Leo loves walking (obviously) and I like to give him variety of terrain; beaches, woods, fields, country lanes and tracks. He’s not really one for appreciating scenery, but find a good smell and he’s in his element, head down and tail wagging. We will be giving a bit of a Leo perspective when it comes to pubs, with key details (for a labrador) including whether the dogs are allowed in all areas of the pub, dog snacks and water bowls available, attitude of the staff towards the dog etc.

As Leo is still quite young, he’s not always the best behaved little pooch. Please excuse us if he’s a bit over excited!

img_1614Sunny. My husband. Sunny works full time as a cable jointer but he joins us when he can on our little adventures in the countryside. He’s a part-timer on the website and computers scare him a little bit, so any of his input will be conveyed through me. Sunny loves spending time outdoors and he’s the King of Base Layers, he likes to make sure that he’s properly layered-up with his thermals in the winter, but then he’s the first one with his shorts on in the summer!

He’s a pretty good photographer so I have to thank him for his contribution to the photography on this site.

img_1757Max. Another part-timer. Max belongs to my parents, but we like to have him stay with us from time to time and he loves to come with us on our walks. He’s much more of a poser than Leo is, so he’s happy to let us take beautiful photos of him. He’s also a bit older than Leo, so a bit calmer and better behaved!

Max loves the water. He’s the first one in the sea (or lake, river, large puddle) and the last one out. He loves eating chews and being chased by Leo on the beach. He’s the one with the blue collar, and he will feature in the photographs for a few of our walks!