This weekend’s wild walk took us up the beautiful Northumberland coast to Seahouses for an 8 mile roundtrip to the historic Bamburgh, passing Bamburgh’s iconic castle, and back again. We walked out along St Oswald’s Way, stopped for lunch in Bamburgh and headed back to Seahouses on along the beach.

This week Leo and I had some extra guests. Sunny joined us again (he must have loved last weeks trip up to Hadrian’s Wall), and our friend Olly with his dog Monty. We actually met Olly and his wife Keri through having Leo; they used the same dog walker as us and Keri recognised the dog. We got chatting in a local bar/restaurant and have been friends ever since! Actually, since moving to the North East, we have found that most of our new friends are fellow immigrants – Olly and Keri are also non-native Geordies and we seem to club together!

Monty and Leo are good friends; they’re both full of energy so getting them out together is great (for them and us – you know you’re going to get a break when you get home!). They jumped in the back of Olly’s car and curled up together for the hour-long journey up to Seahouses.


Only 50 miles up the Northumberland Coast, it seemed so much colder than when we left Whitley Bay. I had originally put on a gilet and jumper, but I was glad I put my big jacket in the car! Hat, gloves, scarf, big coat, all required for a walk in Northumberland in January!

About 10 minutes into the walk, trouble ensues. A rustling in the bushes indicates something of interest for the dogs. Leo is first on the scene, but he’s a Labrador, inquisitive but a bit stupid and not very quick (we love him for it!). He’s found a rabbit! Right there in the hedgerow! It’s hopping about and Leo is having a sniff but he’s not quite sure what to do. Cue Monty.

Monty is a beautiful mixture of Husky, Malamute and German Shepherd. He’s built like a wolf, and, seeing Leo playing with the rabbit, his hunting instinct kicked in. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for the poor rabbit. I’d like to think that it already had something wrong with it because Leo was close to catching it, but it was Monty who caught it and the poor thing probably died of shock. The dogs didn’t get chance to eat it though – Olly took the manly approach and put a poop bag over his hand, picked it up and put it in the bin! Ha!

I actually have all of this on video, from my GoPro, but not sure if it constitutes animal cruelty, so it’s not something I want to publish online. Anyway, the rest of the walk to Bamburgh went without issue, following the ‘Heritage Walk’ and then St Oswald’s Way along to the historic village of Bamburgh. We passed through fields and farmland (a few sheep here and there – dogs on leads after rabbit incident) until finally we were up close to Bamburgh Castle. We crossed the road to the cricket pitch to admire the view.


The original plan was to get back to Seahouses for something to eat. We had bacon sandwiches before we set off, so thought we would be fine. The temptation of pubs in Bamburgh was too much for the boys though, all of a sudden they were hungry!

We walked up Bamburgh’s main street and dived in the first pub; The Wynding Inn. A welcoming atmosphere, warming fire, only one free table and dog-friendly. The food, was OK but not great. I feel as though we fell foul of that rule that if you’re in sight of the main attraction, they charge what they like (£9 for a 250 mL Sauvignon Blanc – I wasn’t driving so taking liberties), and don’t worry too much about the quality. The food was fine, but it made me realise that the food we had eaten the previous week at the Boatside Inn in Warden had been really quite special.


I think next time perhaps we should venture further up the main street and try some of the other places in Bamburgh, as other people have told me (since!?) that there are some really nice places to eat.

After we had gorged ourselves on a Sunday Roast (Fish and Chips for the boys), we set off back towards Seahouses. We went along the beach the whole way, with fantastic views of the castle. As we approached Seahouses, we headed back up on to the headland as the beach faded away to rocks.


We wanted to go to The Olde Ship Inn, but they didn’t allow dogs, so we went to the Bamburgh Castle Inn for a quick drink – they have a ‘Pet Friendly Area’ that seems to be most of the pub! After this it was back to the car and a snooze for me and the pooches all the way home!

Thank you for reading this blog post – if you want to do the walks yourself, they’re available on the walks page of the site. A full review of the pubs visited will also be available – it’s actually quite hard having a job and writing the content for this website, but I promise I will get them up as soon as possible! Don’t forget to like and share on social media! Thank you!

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