So today I took Leo up to Amble in Northumberland for our ‘wild walk’. Yesterday I checked various maps and guides and mismatched a couple of routes together, checked TripAdvisor to get an idea of where might be good to eat, and generally tried to come up with a bit of a plan because I’ve never been to Amble before.

This is the essence of what Wild Walks with Wine is all about I suppose; picking a place, planning a route, choosing a pub or restaurant, chucking the dog in the car and hitting the road! So far, the days out that I’ve done with Leo and Max have been walks that I’ve done before and pubs that I’ve been to before, but this was completely new to me. I hope this means that the write up is a little different, so please tell me what you think!

Today we did around 5½ miles along beaches, sand dunes and through fields. It took about an hour and a half and was mainly flat. We walked through the Harbour at Amble, and around the headland to the beach. Swapping between the beach and the dunes, we followed the Northumberland Coast Path for a couple of miles before looping back around towards High Hauxley through the fields.

After this there was quite a long period where Leo had to be on the lead (bad planning by me unfortunately – sorry pooch!) while we skirted the outer edges of Amble before heading towards the town centre. From here we headed for the banks of the River Coquet, passing through the Yacht Club and Amble Marina, before finding ourselves back at the car.


I quickly swapped my walking boots for converse, changed my filthy coat for a hoody and body warmer, and gave Leo a quick towel down and we headed back the way we went this morning. We had pretty much walked past The Old Boathouse this morning, barely even giving it a second glance. Excellent reviews on TripAdvisor and Facebook convinced me to check it out, despite the fact that Leo and I were the only customers in the place on a Thursday lunchtime.

I was a bit unsure because it was so empty. But I’m glad I took the risk. The food was excellent and the staff super helpful – I only wish I was more of a seafood lover! I had a chat with Martin, the owner who was very enthusiastic, not only about his own business (he also has the Fish Shack in Amble as you go towards the South Jetty, and another restaurant in Blyth) but he was excited to hear about Wild Walks with Wine too!

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of today; the discovery of visiting a new place, finding a little gem of a restaurant (that friends and family have already asked if I’ll take them to!), and spending quality time with Leo!

The full write up for the walk and The Old Boathouse will be published shortly, but for now I think it’s time for a bath and another vino! Thanks for reading this post, and I have been amazed at the initial response to the first few posts on Wild Walks with Wine! Please feel free to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ on social media!

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