So my first walk and wine for ‘Wild Walks with Wine’ was yesterday. I took Max and Leo from the Briar Dene, up along the beach and cliff tops to the Delaval Arms at Old Hartley. We didn’t stop for a drink there, although it is a nice pub, if a little dated inside.

We dropped down into Holywell Dene and along the woodland path to the Briar Dene Farm (which we just call ‘the horses field’) and then straight across the Wagon Way and through the fields to The Beehive, where we stopped for lunch. After lunch we headed straight back down the field, and followed the path along the side of the golf course (which was pretty muddy) and then back to Briar Dene.

I do have a confession to make; this was not my first visit to the Beehive. But since it’s my first post, I figured that while I’m getting to grips with the website, the apps and the camera I could play it safe for this one. I knew The Beehive were pretty dog-friendly so I was happy to take the two of them up there.

Another factor was getting the two dogs in the car. After travelling up from Huddersfield on Sunday night with both Max and Leo sharing the boot together, I didn’t think it was fair to try and squeeze them into the car when it’s not 100% necessary!

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